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using a sophisticated methodology together with empathy allows me to find solutions from within. My goal is to create strong brands built on their story.

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Designing of a trust in a life bringing organization


Repromeda - The Fertility clinic

The clinic believes that only perfectly aligned elements can create a functional unit. In the spirit of these principles, we created a sophisticated system of the entire visual identity.


Designing clear information


Meteopress – The Weather Forecast

Based on user research and testing, we transformed an old website into a pure and functional piece. The site precisely matches the needs of the people who use it on a daily basis.


The HR aspect


Takeplace - The Developers

Mobile applications developers who digitalize companies and help them grow without being able to answer questions such as “Who are we? What do we do? Why?”.


Playful and recognizable


Netbox – The Internet Provider

We create a robust visual framework that works but does not limit the company. The continuity guarantees them being recognized at first glance.


Design thinking

Methodology and The Principles


There is nothing more valuable than discovering what matters to people. The quality of my work depends in large part upon people’s willingness to share their time and energy as well as their deepest thoughts and feelings.


I go out there into the world to find the target group of people. I watch them, see how they behave, observe and pay close attention.


Then I synthesize everything I saw. I start to get the insight. Even though being in the same place I have been million times, I start to look at things differently. And that is about time to ask questions of "Why?".


Failure is an incredibly powerful tool for learning. Designing experiments, prototypes and interactions with further testing is the heart of human-centered design. Failure is an inherent part of the process, as we will just never get it right on our first try.


In the end, it does not matter what you use or how beautiful the result is, the goal is always to convey an idea, share it, and learn how to make it even better.


Throughout the design process, I am constantly learning, evaluating and improving the situation. It is important to take a prototyping attitude to the measurement.