Designing clear information

Meteopress has been forecasting the weather since 1992. The service started to show things such as loads of ads, unnoticeable news and unclear structure.

Meteopress - The Weather Forecast
The project was developed in the studio U+


Check twice

Focus on functionality that meets the needs of the users is crucial. To serve for years, we built a website on a proper UX research.

Strictly functional approach

User research has shown that the graphic design and visual communication required a strictly functional approach towards aesthetics.

Therefore, we chose three most basic and simple elements to tell the weather: icons, numbers, and a radar.


meteopress development

  • Research

    We developed the new Meteopress on a strong UX foundation. No estimations or grey spots.

  • People

    Already at the beginning we knew the personas, how they behave and what they need.

  • Testing

    We tested each step and adjusted the website accordingly.

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