Designing of trust in a life bringing organization

Fertility clinic that takes the best of the Western and the Eastern medicine. It has gained worldwide recognition for its approach and achievements. Artificial insemination is a sensitive matter, and the clinic is well aware of its immense influence.

Brand Repromeda - The Fertility Clinic The project was developed with Justmighty


the optimistic emotions

We have developed a holistic approach towards our clients.

Each element of feng shui, represented by its typical colour and shape, was linked to one department of the clinic. This way, we created a harmonious unit to sensitively accompany our clients on their journey.

The company's
philosophy in design

Repromeda had cherished a beautiful concept already when we stepped in. It combined the principles of feng shui and modern medicine. We were impressed by the Clinic’s holistic approach towards the treatment, we decided to demonstrate it through its visual communication.

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When working on the design, we had to go natural and gently for the most charming touch. All of the graphic elements are rounded. The colours are based on the five aspects of feng shui, with each representing one service of the clinic.

Visual identity in every detail

We thought of every detail of the visual identity. You can find the feng shui principles on the web, in print and also in the interior of the clinic. The trust of the Clinic’s clients was the top priority and also the empathy for their situation.

Interior Together, all of the small aspects work as a whole. It is essential to divert the attention from one minor detail to the big picture and back.

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